RedCrab - The Calculator v4.33

RedCrab - The Calculator v4.33
RedCrab - The Calculator v4.33
programmable calculator with full screen editor, data file and data base import

RedCrab is a scientific and statistics calculator with a full screen formula editor. The mathematical expressions can be entered in an editor window similar to a piece of paper.

The calculator's editor supports the entry of complex algebraic equations like fractions, square roots, exponents, variables etc. for technical and scientific applications.

Why RedCrab?
  • No one today would want to work with word processing program that simulates a typewriter, for example, no copy, paste and edit. For typo errors, whole text must be rewritten.
  • But most PC calculators are just unflexible simulations of pocket calculators.
  • RedCrab is a calculator that exploits the possibilities of PC's. Easy to use like a pocket calculator, but provided with full screen editor, which supported corrections, saveing and printing as a word processing program.
  • Several tasks can be written in the same worksheet. Results can be adopted in other mathematical problems as in a spreadsheet program. Images and texts can imported to describe complex calculations.
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