eFlip Professional v1.9.1 Full + Patch
eFlip Professional v1.9.1 Full + Patch
Build Web-ready Interactive Flash&Html5 Publications, Fast.

eFlip Professional is a profession type of Flipbook software to convert PDF, Microsoft Office (.docx;.xlsx;.pptx) and OpenOffice document into page-turning digital publications. It allows you to embed Youtube videos, SWF video, image slideshow, audio, hyperlinks, buttons, hotspots and more multimedia objects to flipping book. Let your users view dynamic flipping Flash digital publications from any computer or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) in a convenient way.

eFlip Professional can be downloaded and installed on a PC or Mac (see Mac Version) computer. So that you can create as many publications as you want and control everything including the whole production and hosting of your publication in-house. And with the eFlip's free online upload service, We also host the flipbook for you.

There are so many characteristic of our flip series products .Especially, further professional software PageFlip PDF to Flash Pro. Here are some key features of "eFlip Pro":

1. Import PDF&Office :
  • Browse and open your object PDF & MS Office & OpenOffice file, turn to flash book;
  • Set page ranges of PDF & MS Office & OpenOffice to import and convert, from all pages to custom range;
  • Add one or more watermarks on pages, no matter text or image types;
  • Import bookmarks, file text content together with PDF, make PageFlip book more flexible;
  • Set page quality and size, contains five levels;
  • Detect wide pages, cut landscape pages into two portrait pages to spread in flipping book;
  • Import links, to make the links (web links, page links, and email links) to be active in digital book;
  • Enable Search, import content of your PDF together and enable users to search keywords directly.

2. Output formats:
  • *.html format adapt to make on line in PC;
  • *.exe format permit to use offline on PC;
  • *.app format permit to use offline on Mac;
  • *.zip format allows to send ebook to your readers via E-mail;
  • Achieve to take along any time, any place after burn on CD;
  • Output mobile version HTML5 flipbooks to view in the browser of iPhone, iPad and Android directly.
  • Unlimited Publishing; Free Online/Offline Distribution; 1000 MB of online storage space for Free host your 500+ eBooksand securely; share any publication instantly.

3. Edit page features:
  • Add sound like page book voice or other;
  • Add Video Player (Define UI Skins) to Flipbook;
  • Add Sound Player (Define UI Skins) to Flipbook;
  • Add link to link those webpage what you want;
  • Add movie that should be play FLV format;
  • Add image to enhance sense of beauty on digital book;
  • Add video to visualize your content from digital book;
  • Add button to set before functions as button action.

4. Tool bar setting:
  • Show home button and input link what you want to promote;
  • Navigation bar style customizable;
  • Brand flipping book with logo and link;
  • Button layout setting; Button style setting;
  • Define thumbnail style;
  • Allow to set flipping book’s title when you use the template of float and neat, included its logo, logo URL, and title;
  • Allow to set book title, window font, font color;
  • Enable book readers to zoom in/out all pages or single page;
  • Provide full screen mode to read flipping book;
  • Enable single page or not based on read requirement;
  • Customize toolbar buttons to set permissions for downloading, printing, sharing, bookmarks, search, table of contents and other buttons
  • Customize all flipbook buttons with preferred language and name
  • Enable viewer to download and print your flash flipping book;
  • Write help info to show in Help Window, like how to read flip book, etc;
  • Insert background sound in flipbook to enhance presentation easily;
  • Enable readers to play flip book without action with using auto flip reading mode;
  • Set different languages to use for tips of buttons, also can allow users to switch between different languages;
  • Allow readers to share e-books via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. Flash display setting:
  • Provide hard cover effect;
  • Set preloader;
  • Customize all flipbook buttons with preferred language and name
  • Adjust page shadow position and size;
  • Set background color with different gradient angle, from color A to color B;
  • Input beautiful image or your company’s special background file to professional your flip book;
  • Use minime style to show e-books without toolbar or other buttons in small window;
  • Change book proportions and book margins factor, for coordinate flip book’s background;
  • Hide book frame bar, only display flip book;
  • Support setting flipping speed;
  • Define auto play setting and video player skin;
  • Thumbnail preview function;
  • Set different page number types Roman number for catalogue, Arabic for main body;

6. Flash control setting:

  • You can set your personal password for all pages or exclude front pages to protect your e-books against unauthorized access;
  • Flip pages automatically or manually;
  • Auto loop the flip book or not;
  • View page-flipping ebook full screen;
  • Use thumbnail to navigate;
  • Zoom in/ out both pages;
  • Turn on or turn off the page-turning sound;
  • Double click to change to the thumbnail mode;
  • Input password to unlock encrypted pages;
  • View flipbook repeatedly;
  • Full screen view mode;
  • Search function enabled;
  • Download the original PDF from web site directly;
  • Share eBook url via email;
  • Support sharing flipbook to social networks;
  • Flexible zoom options have been added: mousewheel zoom, double-click zoom, click flipbook buttons to zoom etc
  • Mini mode supported;
  • link to Google analytics tool by input Google Analytics ID to know page visiting data;

7. Different navigate mode:
  • Hyper channel that enter into previous, next, first, last page, just press the corresponding arrow;
  • Use mouse wheel, keyboard to turn pages directly;
  • Bookmark can help you scan whole framework and then you can set font color to different from bookmark background;
  • Thumbnail panel, quickly find out which page to view and go to.

8. Save project, objects, bookmark settings:
  • For project: save your setting and open to use next time;
  • For page edit objects: save objects edited to use in other PDFs;
  • For bookmark: export edited bookmarks as TXT or XML format file to import and use later;
  • For language: save different button language setting and load to use later;
  • For Theme: save the theme setting and import to use next time.

9. Other features:

  • Command line mode to convert without opening the GUI program;
  • Batch convert button to convert much PDF files to flash at a time;
  • Provide classical, float, spread and neat templates to customize the flash template;
  • Download many themes as you like, just link to our website.
  • Command line to convert PDF to flipbook in background;
  Download: eFlip Professional v1.9.1.rar
  Mirror: eFlip Professional v1.9.1.rar
  File Size: 89.7 MB
  Password: www.amienmelody.com
  View: Screenshot
  Source: http://www.amienmelody.com/2013/06/eflip-professional-v191.html



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