Image-Line SimSynth v1.1.14.0
Image-Line SimSynth v1.1.14.0 Full

SimSynth VSTi/DXi is the plugin version of the widely popular SimSynth standalone created by David Billen.
SimSynth is modeled after the classic analogue synthesizers of the 80's and is capable of producing a wide range of instruments and effects: from strings and pads to deep bass lines.
The sound is created by three oscillators, filtered by a SVF section (State Variable Filter) and amplified by an ADSR envelope.

Image-Line SimSynth v1.1.14.0

The unit includes a programmable LFO section that can control some of the parameters in the oscillator and SVF sections.
You can filter the sound with a chorus effect to widen the stereo panorama of the patch.
The FX section contains a set of full featured high quality effects: 7 band parametric equalizer, reverb, delay line and phaser ("sweep").

More info:

  Download: Image-Line SimSynth v1.1.14.0.rar
  Mirror: Image-Line SimSynth v1.1.14.0.rar
  File Size: 11.6 MB



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