SafeIP v2.0.0.604
SafeIP v2.0.0.604

SafeIP provides several easy ways to help you browse more anonymously online. Block cookies, conceal your referrer and browser agent, block ads and prevent you from accessing known dangerous sites. And all for free, no adware or similar catches. Apart from enhancing your privacy, this may also allow you access to some sites you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. If you’ve ever tried to view content and got a “not available in your country” message, for instance, that’s probably down to your IP address, and getting another may help. Click the “Settings” button and you’ll find SafeIP has many more options. It can also remove your browser’s user agent header, for instance. And there are options to block cookies, or website referrers.

If you want to change your IP address occasionally the program will get the job done quickly, easily, and with the minimum of hassle.

SafeIP v2.0.0.604
Hide your IP address and protect your online identity with SafeIP.

Protect your online identity by hiding your IP address from websites, email, games, and more.

Encrypt all your Internet traffic, either browsing at home or on public WiFi hotspots.

Choose the anonymous IP location closest to you for the fastest connection speeds.

SafeIP can be used completely free for unlimited use, without advertisements and never expires.

  Download: SafeIP
  File Size: 2.20 MB



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