ABTO Software Unlocker Tool v1.2.0.0
ABTO Software Unlocker Tool v1.2.0.0

Unlocker is a perfect tool designed for removing file’s access restrictions and allowing to unlock file rapidly and effortlessly. Most of the users faced a situation when he/she was unable to copy files and folders locked by various applications or with long paths. These files are commonly created by viruses/adware/different OS/ and other software and can be harmful for the PC. Normally, they are inaccessible under Windows and, therefore, it’s impossible to unlock or delete them.

ABTO Software Unlocker Tool v1.2.0.0

Sometimes, you cannot unlock folder or unlock a file due to Windows file-access bugs. In such cases Windows informs user that the file is currently in use, even if it’s not. ABTO Software’s folder unlock software can effectively bypass this bugs’ restrictions. Our file unlock utility seamlessly unlocks or disables obstacles that are preventing the user from accessing the target file.

File unlock utility applies a variety of methods to delete persistent and locked files, inclusively:
  • trying to close the handle
  • killing process which keeps file open
  • unloading DLL that opened file’s handle
  • scheduling file delete on the next reboot
  • forcing the delete

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