Who Is On My Wifi v2.1.3
Who Is On My Wifi v2.1.3

Who’s On My Wifi will show you every computer on your network. No matter if the computer is trying to hide from you or not, Who’s On My Wifi will find it. This allows you to then determine if all of the computers that have been found so far are good computers or not. If they’re all good computers, then you can tell Who’s On My Wifi to scan the entire network every 5 to 10 minutes or so, alerting you if any UNKNOWN computers have appeared on the network. Who’s On My Wifi also logs everything that has happened in case you aren’t immediately available to check what has happened.

 Who Is On My Wifi v2.1.3

  Download: Who Is On My Wifi v2.1.3.zip
  File Size: 4.84 MB
  Password: www.amienmelody.com
  Source: http://www.amienmelody.com/2013/01/who-is-on-my-wifi-v213.html



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