Direct download link Incomedia WebSite X5 v8.0.15 - Evolution
Incomedia WebSite X5 v8.0.15 - Evolution

WebSite X5 is a completely visual program that, in just 5 steps, helps you design, create and publish a professional site with all of the eye-catching features you see on the web’s very best sites.

Incomedia WebSite X5 allows you to create in a simple and quick way websites, e-commerce carts, Blogs, digital photo-albums or interactive presentations. Projects can be developed according to a net structure and articulated by level menus: in this way you can insert an unlimited number of pages.

The user can set the layout of each page and complete it by inserting the different objects that the program offers: texts, images, tables, Flash™ animations, videos, sounds, slide shows, image gallery, HTML objects, e-mail sending forms.

WebSite X5 presents many interesting functions for image editing, making it unnecessary to use external graphic programs. Thanks to automatic saving of images in a compressed format, the user does not need to optimize photos before inserting them.

The vast archive of graphic models, the internal editor for creation of three-dimensional buttons, the ample possibilities of graphic customization, the intro insertion, the language setting selection, the creation of a reserved area protected by a password, the possibility to create and manage Blogs, the possibility to create and manage RSS Feeds and online shops enabled for credit card payments, enrich the site making it complete and professional.

At the end, WebSite X5 allows you to publish the project directly on the net, without using external FTP programs (File Transfer Protocol).

Incomedia WebSite X5 v8 - Evolution

Working with WebSite X5
WebSite X5 is designed to work like a wizard, visually guiding you through a series screens in which you can insert all the necessary information to create and publish a complete, functional and professional website. There are five basic steps guiding you the programme, taking you from a simple idea to a professional website:

General Settings
After selecting the project to work on and inserting some general information about your website such as Description and Keywords for the Search Engine indexing you should select the template for your website. You can select a template from one of the 1,400 models pre-installed in the programme or create your own. In addition to the basic template style you can also customise both the header and footer of your website.

Plan Website
The programme automatically adds a Home Page for your website, however all other pages must be added manually. In order to create your website you must first think about the information you would like to present and how - by undertaking this simple task you can start to create your Site Map. You can set up to 4 levels and an unlimited number of pages, simply use the buttons on the page to do so. The programme will automatically set the navigation menu based on the map you create. You can modify your site map at any time by simply choosing Step 2 "Plan Website" from the vertical menubar.

Create Pages
Creating the pages is a simple process, first you must think about what information you would like to present on the page and then you can use the tools on the page to create the basic grid. Once you have created your grid you can drag and drop objects from the Objects panel in to your grid; these include text, images, Flash™ animations, videos, sound, tables and much more. Each object can be customized and can be modified for you to insert links to both internal and external resources. The programme also has a built in graphic editor which allows you to fully customise images without the use of any external editors.

Advanced Settings
After the basic website is compiled you can customise the appearance such as menu, text and scroll bar styles. With the internal graphic editor you can create 3D buttons and enhance that look and feel of the page elements. In addition to the webpage style you can also add many extra features such as multi-language welcome pages, reserved areas, a blog and an e-commerce shopping cart.

Once your website is finished you can upload the finished website to the Internet via the inbuilt FTP engine. Once you have uploaded your website to the Internet any updates or changes you make to your website can be easily uploaded - you can opt through the software to update only modified pages. As well as uploading to the Internet you can also export the entire website project file to a new location either on the same computer on which the project was created or to a new computer altogether.

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