Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03 Full
Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03 Full

Cakewalk Pro Audio is a very good sequencer. It has a clean interface free of toolboxes, Flashy and ugly 3D user interfaces and other anoying clutter found in most other sequencers.
All the usual functions like event edit, score edit, piano roll etc are there and they all does the trick. Version 9 is now quite old but since it is very stable and I'm not to fond of the interface in Sonar.
The CAL script language enables you to write your own functions that you can bind to keyboard shortcuts. Spiffy !

Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03 contains many new features and many significant changes from earlier releases. This appendix highlights the major differences between Version 9 and Version 8.

Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03
  Download: Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03.rar
  Mirror: Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03.rar
  File Size: 8.58 MB



  1. Wah..mksh pro audionya mz...
    Langsung Sedooottttttttt.

  2. Seddddooooooooooooootttttttttttttttt......
    Mksh pro audionya mas.


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